Monday, 17 July 2017

Pet Day Dates - 2017

All School Pet Day, Group Day and Area Day cups should be returned to the school office by the end of Term 3 please. They should be polished please. 

Springston School Pet Day is on Friday 3rd November. Agricultural judges arrive at 9:15am so you need to be registered and lined up ready to go by 9:05am please.

Group Day is hosted by Tai Tapu Primary School and at present will be at the school grounds. It will take place on Monday 6th November. Arrive from 9:30am for judging to begin at 10am.
(Bring your plate for morning tea, your project book and any remaining Area Day cups.)

Area or Championship Day is at the Canterbury Agricultural Park as normal. It is on Thursday 23rd November - the week after Show Day. Judging will begin at 10am. 

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