Sunday, 16 August 2015

Adopt A Chicken

This year we have the opportunity to ADOPT CHICKENS!

This is your chance to rear three students the opportunity to rear three one-day-old Brown Shaver hen chicks to show them for Pet Day at school (30th Oct) then against other schools for Group (5th Nov) and on Championship Day at the Canterbury Show Grounds (19th Nov).

$ 12 Three chicks (had their salmonella spray and chick vaccine.)
$ 12 A heat lamp
$ 10 Chick Crumbles 10kg (till 8 weeks old)
$ 10 Cook Grower 10 kg (8 weeks till point of lay)
$ 20 Layer Pellets 15kg (laying birds)

Your chicks will be delivered on Friday, 18 September, leaving 6 weeks to rear them and get them ready for School Pet Day.

Urgent: they must be ordered by Thursday this week. Make your order by e-mailing Allana with your name, the number of chickens (in groups of three) and a contact phone number. Payment is required by the following week please.

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