Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lamb judging questions

Check out these questions.  Do some research and make sure you can answer them for School Pet Day, Group Day and Area Day.  They will be judged under the KNOWLEDGE category.

What is your pet's name?
How many bottles does it drink every day?
How do you teach your lamb to lead?
Where do you keep your lamb?
What is something naughty your lamb has done.
Whst is on your lam's back - hair, fur, silk or wool?

Any of the above questions plus…

What is your lamb's breed?
What is your lamb's breed farmed for?
What diseases can your lamb get?
How many teeth does your lamb have?

Why does your lamb get tailed?
How do you tell how old you lamb is?
Has your lamb been drenched and what would this be for?
Has your lamb been vaccinated and what would this be for?
What products can your lamb be turned into.

Any of the above questions plus…

Name three other lamb breeds. Can you explain what each of these breeds is farmed for?
What is a caustrated ram lamb called?
What is mustering, docking or ........

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