Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Goat judging questions

What is your goat's name?
What is your goat's breed?
What is something funny or naughty that your goat does?
Why do goats like to chew everything?
How old is your goat?
What do you feed your goat and how often?
Where does your goat live and what shelter does it have?
Has your goat been injected or drenched?

What is your goat's breed.  What is this breed farmed for?  (Meat, milk, skins....)
What plants are poisonous to your goat?
What problems could a goat have with its horns?
How should you look after your goat's hooves?
What products could be made from your goat?
What injections or drench should you give your goat? What do they protect from?
What are the common goat diseases? How do goats catch these diseases?
What does the poky up piece of skin on a goat's back tell you?

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