Sunday, 16 August 2015

Project Book - requirements and marking 2015

Each school has their own marking plan and looks for different things but what we do here at Springston might give you some ideas on how to plan out your Animal Project Book.

The project will be marked on this sheet and it gives you all the information you need about how to earn points towards getting a FIRST!

You will be judged in three different age groups: These are ages on Pet Day.

Seniors 11+ years

Intermediate 8 - 10 years

Junior 5 - 7 years

Show that you have good knowledge:
All the categories down this right hand side will be looked at and highlighted if you include them. Look at this sheet as you plan your project.  We suggest you have a contents page and sections for each category listed on the marking page. Look carefully at the sheet we give you. It gives you lots more detail about what to include.

How to earn the most points you can:
Complete your project on A4 paper - typed or hand written.
Show that you have made a great effort - for you.
Make sure you have included all the things above like description, shelter etc.
Keep a regular and detailed diary of what you do with your pet.
Include a graph of growth or weight.
Write research from key notes, not by copying or sticking in printed sheets form the Internet.
Acknowledge your sources - the book, person or web address.
Present your project so it is easy to read and looks like you care about it.

How to get a FIRST:
At Springston School we count up the Project Book marks to see if you receive a first. Lots of children can all receive a first. 
1st   34 - 40 points
2nd  28 - 33 points
3rd   22 - 27 points
4th   21 - 15 points

This and your Pet Day judging results give you points towards the Agricultural Day Badges.

Going on to Group and Championship Days:
You do not need a Project Book to participate in the Group Day but bring yours along if you intend to carry onto Area or Championship Day.  We will deliver it to the judges and the you can collect it on the day of competition.  Remember to bring any Championship Day cups you earned last year and them with the project books to be delivered.

Ready for Championship Day:
Your Project Book needs to be labelled with this on the front cover.  Print one off and use it or get a copy from Allana.

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