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Chairperson's Report 2014

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Lincoln Group Boys and Girls Agricultural Club

Chairperson’s annual report 27th July 2014

It is my pleasure to present the annual report for the 2014 Lincoln Boys and Girls Agricultural Club.

Once again, we had good weather and a great turn out of animals for judging, managing to overcome the challenge of wind and no indoor facilities being available.

The splitting up of lamb judging into three categories of junior, intermediate and senior worked well, though we did sort the ages to limit the larger numbers in the senior area.  Junior lambs are Years 1-3, Intermediate Years 4-6 and Senior Years 7-8.

The failure of the Beef calf judge to turn up held up the prize giving as the dairy judges had to then complete the Beef judging, although all participants were adaptable and we had a great day.  Next year we will take this into account.

Two new cups were donated by CRT for the junior and senior kids and went to Greenpark and Tai Tapu this year.  A full list of results and cups awarded is on the following page.

There is an issue that now rises with our costs outweighing potential income, now that Greenpark School has closed.  We will need to think creatively about how to manage within our finances or to widen our group.

The ANZ bank account in Hornby has been closed and we are in the tricky process of opening an ASB account in Lincoln.  The outgoing shool should have all the documentation ready for the next school to aid the transition.

Many thanks to the judges who give hours of their time and expertise willingly, many who have been doing so since their own children were in The Agricultural Club.

Finally, thanks to the Springston parents involved in Pet Days for all their support, Joyce the Springston School secretary for dealing with the finances and to Leteisha Brook for supplying lunch for the judges free of charge.

Yours Sincerely
Allana Taylor

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