Monday, 1 September 2014

Agricultural Garden Judging

You can have your garden and project book judged towards earning badges in the Lincoln Boys and Girls Agricultural Club.  Here are some tips to get you going!

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What type of garden can you have?
You can have a vegetable, herb or flower garden or one that is a mixture of these.  The only things is - the garden must be yours.  You must plan, weed, sow and look after the garden.  To earn points towards badges, you must have a Project Book (if you have not already completed one for a pet).  Non-project gardens will recieve a judge visit but not earn points.

When will garden judging happen?
The gardens will be judged in December so listen out for when you are asked to take a notice home so we can sort times for judges to visit.  Your badges and certificates will be awarded in an assembly at the end of the year.

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What should be in your project book?
The headings down this side of the marking sheet tell you what to include in your project.  This is the knowledge that is required.  Make sure you highlight off each section as you include it.  You might want to use a contents page and have these as the headings.  The jusge will also ask questions from these categories.

How can you earn the most points possible?
This chart at the bottom shows how you can earn the most points.  Make sure you include a diary, that all the knowledge sections are included and that your project is easy to read and find our way around.

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